The Lexington School for Recording Arts

“Music . . . can name the unnameable
and communicate the unknowable.”
― Leonard Bernstein


Mission Statement

The Lexington School for Recording Arts was founded in 1986 to teach the basic skills required to function as a recording engineer and related positions in the audio arts industry. Over the years, our campus has grown and evolved into a licensed school for both recording and visual arts. Our multi-million dollar facility is conveniently located 2 miles off of Interstate I-75.

While the teaching of the Recording Arts curriculum is the main thrust of the school, there is another and perhaps more important part of the educational process going on at LSRA, that has to do with instilling in the students two important principals: personal responsibility and doing your best at all times. These two principals are part and parcel of every course, each class and the daily regimen at LSRA.

The curriculum includes,
Science of Sound – Audio Engineering I & II, Mastering
Music Theory
Music Law – Copyrights & Contracts
Music Psychology
Evolution of Modern Music
Music Merchandising
Video Production – Editing, Directing, Producing
Music Business – General Business and Functional Personal Business (vital life skills such as balancing a checkbook, building a good credit history, obtaining a mortgage and buying a car, etc.)

The mantra of the faculty is echoed everywhere: we don’t teach science, technology, music or art, we teach students. It is not what LSRA teaches, it is how we go about doing it. Our mission is simple; prepare our graduates for a meaningful, purposeful and productive life by giving them the skills necessary to compete and excel in everything they do. All graduates leave LSRA knowing that they alone are responsible for their success in life.

The result is that LSRA graduates excel at their jobs and succeed in life. Not only do they get hired, they also rise to the top of an organization rapidly. Our graduates know a whole lot more than music and video, they are the cream of the crop who are prepared both educationally and functionally to excel in life.

It is with this spirit of dedicated preparation as well as a strong emphasis on morals, integrity and ethics, that Lexington School for Recording Arts proudly continues a tradition of providing its graduates an advantage that is over and above the traditional educational experience.

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